The Retreat Series: Day 3

So, it is becoming a bit of a theme, I don't update my posts on the actual day. Here is day 3's update. Throughout yesterday I felt pretty disengaged with the whole juicing process. I spent a lot of time on my own and didn't really feel like speaking to people for the majority of … Continue reading The Retreat Series: Day 3


The Retreat Series: Day 2

So, I didn't write a post yesterday so I am providing an update now. Thankfully the headache from day 1 subsided and I woke up feeling pretty good! I found it easier to relax during my morning yoga and felt a lot more at peace. I had a back massage, a raw food demonstration and … Continue reading The Retreat Series: Day 2

The Retreat Series: Day 1

Firstly it is a good job that I announced that I would be blogging daily about this detox, if I hadn't I wouldn't be blogging today. The headache is sooooo bad! Having done a shorter more gentle detox last year I knew about the headaches and possible side effects to detoxing but I had 'conveniently' … Continue reading The Retreat Series: Day 1

The Retreat Series: Arrival Day

You may already know from reading my post Food and flares that since my RA diagnosis I have taken more of an interest in nutrition and how foods can help or hinder us. This year I have taken the decision to go on a week long retreat to improve my understanding of nutrition and to … Continue reading The Retreat Series: Arrival Day

Finding my (running) feet with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone Running is so far past the end of my comfort zone, it isn't even in the same county! I have, for reasons unbeknown to me, signed up to complete the Birmingham Half Marathon. Having never been a runner, not even before my diagnosis of RA, I … Continue reading Finding my (running) feet with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Smoke and Mirrors

Social media is a fantastic way of reaching millions of people, a way of providing a community and a platform for sharing ideas and experiences. However, we have to take caution when considering our life in comparison to what we see via these platforms. We should view what we see on social media as the … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

Ability within DisABILITY Mingle

This event is an informal networking event for those living with autoimmune illness in the West Midlands. I am starting a network for those living with autoimmune illness in the West Midlands. The network is aimed at those of working age living everyday life with autoimmune illness, from Rheumatoid Arthritis to Diabetes and everything in … Continue reading Ability within DisABILITY Mingle