You can’t have it all- I disagree.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Forget the glass ceiling at work. What about the glass ceiling in life? As women we have been conditioned to believe we can’t have it all. As a women I feel like I am expected at some point in life to make a choice; a career or a family? Add in a chronic illness to this and I feel like people expect me to have an ‘either’ or life.

Having a chronic illness I am told that I won’t be able to do certain things, that I should not expect too much, maybe give up on that high powered career I was chasing or perhaps avoid strenuous exercise.

As a women I’m told that a time will come when my priorities will change, I will no longer focus on my career and focus more on having a family. We are taught that we have to have things in isolation, that we cannot have everything, but why can’t we?

Who says that life as a women or someone with a chronic illness means life has glass ceilings? Your illness is a glass ceiling, your career is a glass ceiling, kids are a glass ceiling. Adding any of these into your life means that you place the others above that ceiling, they are unattainable or unmanageable.

I disagree. This isn’t only my opinion but my experience and what I have seen in others. I have a chronic illness but have a successful career, I have a friend who has built her own business all whilst managing a diagnosis of epilepsy. A friend that got promoted whilst on maternity leave and has returned full time to work but who is also an excellent mum with a happy contented child.

Not being able to have it all is an old fashioned view often imposed on us rather than a reflection of what we are truly capable of. I know my limits, I know when to take my foot off the gas and how best to manage an illness alongside a career and how one day I will be able to manage those two things and a family. I know I have enough love, energy and drive to juggle all of these things and without feeling guilty because I am living life my way rather than what is expected of me.

Everyone is different, everyone wants different things, different lives and that is okay. All we can do in life is respect people and their decisions even if they aren’t the ones we would make ourselves.

🙌🏻 To all the strong people out their living their life, their way, in a way that works for them!

A girl knows her limits, a wise girl knows she has none. Marilyn Monroe

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