The Retreat Series: Day 3

So, it is becoming a bit of a theme, I don’t update my posts on the actual day. Here is day 3’s update.

Throughout yesterday I felt pretty disengaged with the whole juicing process. I spent a lot of time on my own and didn’t really feel like speaking to people for the majority of my day, although my mood did pick up towards the end of the day. Detoxing can have emotional as well as physical impacts and yesterday I got a lot of kick back from my mind.

I had a pretty packed schedule, the normal Hatha yoga session at 8 am, juice at 9.15am, I passed on my morning ‘shots’, I think this was my little rebellion against the whole process and then health mentoring at 10.30am.

The health mentoring was pretty useful and has equipped me with some ideas and concepts to take away with me. One of the key things being intermittent fasting. Like 5:2 I thought? Apparently not. The naturopath here advised that to help with my RA I should try intermittent fasting every day. The idea is that I would only eat during an 8 hour window each day- this window can be whatever suits your lifestyle but you should have finished your last meal by the end of the ‘window’.

To fit in with my waking,working and sleeping pattern I would only eat between the hours of 12pm-8pm. I could get up at my usual time , around 5.30am, then start the morning with a juice (6.30am) and have another juice around 10.30am. From 12pm -8pm I could then have my 3 daily meals and healthy snacks. After 8pm if needed I could have another juice, a warm milk (plant based) or herbal teas.

This intermittent fasting would effectively give my body a rest from digestion. Energy could then be used elsewhere in the body to help healing, detoxing and restoring. It was also recommended that following 3 weeks of intermittent fasting I should consider having 1 fasting day a week, where I would just have juices.

This feels manageable to me and I will be implanting it once I am back home.

The remainder of the day I spent relaxing and recharging. I spent 30minutes in the sauna, listened to a talk on heart health and had a lymphatic drainage massage.

I noticed yesterday that I was really starting to feel quite hungry, this wasn’t helped by the new series of celebrity master chef starting- I spent the evening in bed watching all the yummy food on TV.

Today is Day 4 and I will be breaking my fast at 6pm!


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