The Retreat Series: Day 2

So, I didn’t write a post yesterday so I am providing an update now.

Thankfully the headache from day 1 subsided and I woke up feeling pretty good! I found it easier to relax during my morning yoga and felt a lot more at peace.

I had a back massage, a raw food demonstration and a talk on environmental toxins. I felt really well and engaged in the whole process. To top it off I noticed that the swelling in my fingers had gone down and my joints were less achy. I could get onboard with this juicing 👍

However I had been a bit hasty, in the afternoon I had a colonic accompanied by a rather firm stomach massage. Following this my stomach felt tender and bruised, something that I have never experienced with previous colonics. So I turned to google. This is the worst possible thing I could have done.

I tend to struggle a bit with health anxiety as it is, often worrying about changes in my body and then catastrophising! So, following my google research and self diagnosing a bowel perforation I fired off a quick couple of texts to loved ones explaining I might not make it through the night. I know you are probably thinking a bit dramatic but that’s how health anxiety works!

I went straight to bed and didn’t update my blog.

I can’t decide if these feelings are normal when juicing or because of my health issues. I have had thoughts from ‘this is good for you, you are giving your body time to repair and flushing it with nutrients’ to, ‘what the bloody hell are you doing Zoe messing around with all this hocus pocus!’

So again, another mixed day!


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