The Retreat Series: Day 1

Firstly it is a good job that I announced that I would be blogging daily about this detox, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be blogging today.

The headache is sooooo bad! Having done a shorter more gentle detox last year I knew about the headaches and possible side effects to detoxing but I had ‘conveniently’ forgot about them – well I can’t forget them today.

My main worry about detoxing when signing up to this retreat was hunger, as it happens I haven’t really felt hungry today, I have had 3 juices and a vegetables broth, along with 12 superfood shots. Back in my drinking days I never much liked the taste of tequila or jaeger but found ‘shots’ to be surprisingly easy and fun, well I can confirm that shots of blue green algae, wheatgrass, aloe ferox, turmeric and minerals are not as enjoyable. So they better bloody do something good. And the headaches, did I mention the headaches?

On a more positive note, the twice daily yoga sessions and a guided walk have been lovely. A perfect way to unwind and relieve the stresses off everyday life. I even had a mid-afternoon nap, how often do we get that luxury?

In between yoga, walking and ‘shots’, there has been an educational talk entitled ‘The Truth about Gluten’ which was pretty insightful but at a fairly high level, having already read a lot about gluten I perhaps didn’t learn that much but speaking to some of the other guests they really enjoyed it and found it helpful.

On top of daily educational talks there are also nightly documentaries/movies. Tonight’s was about sugar, which was very insightful and pretty alarming. The key take away messages were;

  • Not all calories are equal – the guy in the documentary swapped a 2,300 kcal per day diet made up of 50% of calories from good fats (avocado,nuts, seeds etc), 24% from protein and 26% from carbs (vegetables, fruit, grains etc) to 50% from carbs, 24% protein and 26% good fats. The results, he gained c8kg and 10cm around his waist in 60days, as well as having a fatty liver and precursor for type 2 diabetes.

In this diet swap he was having 40tsp of sugar per day, which apparently is pretty average and all his sugar came from low fat ‘healthy’ choice foods such as muesli, low fat yoghurt, juices (processed) , granola bars, baked beans, bread etc. All foods that many people turn to when counting calories or trying to make seemingly healthier choices.

  • Sugar is like a drug – the same part of our brain is stimulated when we have sugar as if we had taken cocaine, this makes it highly addictive and why we feel we need to have more as soon as the last ‘hit’ has worn off. The withdrawal symptoms from sugar can also be similar, that explains the headaches then and also why so many of us find it hard to cut sugar from our diet.

The documentary is called That Sugar Film and is definitely worth a watch if it is something you are interested in.

So that was basically my day, a mixed bag. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t at times thought, I am paying for this, this isn’t a holiday (because of the headache) but I look forward to tomorrow which consists of more juice, yoga, back massage and a colonic!

Obviously this is a high level account, if you want any more details drop me a message or leave a comment 👍🏻


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