The Retreat Series: Arrival Day

You may already know from reading my post Food and flares that since my RA diagnosis I have taken more of an interest in nutrition and how foods can help or hinder us.

This year I have taken the decision to go on a week long retreat to improve my understanding of nutrition and to detox my body. I am hoping to recharge what at times feel like my depleted batteries and gain greater insight into my overall wellbeing.

This is this first post in what will be a series of posts, ‘The Retreat Series’ documenting my experience of a juice detox day by day and sharing my learnings.

So to kick things off, Arrival Day.

I kick started my morning with a slow and painful 7km training run and then hit the road for my 4 hour journey to the retreat. I’d like to say that I started the day in the right way but I didn’t. I stopped at the service station and consumed a gluten free sausage roll and some chocolate (dairy free)- if I was going to be juicing for the next 5 days I was filling up whilst I still could! This was not strictly (ie not at all) in-line with the pre retreat preparation guidelines, but you can’t win them all!

I arrived at the retreat late afternoon and was handed a juice (beetroot with other stuff) and shown around what would be my new home for the week. I felt relaxed instantly and looked forward to my time here.

Shortly after arriving it was time for me to meet the resident naturopath (a health practitioner that applies natural remedies) to discuss my detoxing plan for the week. I should make clear here that the detox I will be following is in conjunction with my existing arthritis medications and a health screening was completed and approved by a traditional doctor in advance.

Following our discussion I was told that it would be appropriate to start the full juice detox from tomorrow, tonight would be the last super.

Each day I will have 3 juices and a broth along with supplement shots that have been tailored to address my health concerns. I will also have two yoga sessions, guided walks, raw food demonstrations, health talks, two infrared saunas and a nightly movie. Feels like a packed schedule, but all are optional so you can pick and choose what suits.

So, here I am, night 1. I have had my soup , my two spirulina (which is a natural detoxifier) and am getting into bed to rest before the detox starts.

Watch out for tomorrow’s post!


One thought on “The Retreat Series: Arrival Day

  1. Im intrested to see how you go..have been lookjng at the retreat for some years..and ive a keen interest in how food affects my body too..I like you have been noticing how food effects my flares a lot..good luck on your voyage x A

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