About me


Health or the lack of health impacts every aspect of our life. It can drive our personal lives, our professional lives, our relationships with others and our relationship with ourself.

I have started this blog to talk from my personal perspective on how health and ill health impacts me personally, how I see it impacting the workplace and broader society and how diet can contribute to our health.


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Uveitis and have had this since a young age. I struggled growing up with the worry of how these conditions would impact me and how employers would react to me having to have time off for hospital appointments and whether having a chronic illness would limit my opportunities. As a result I have made it my mission to increase awareness of invisible and chronic illness, to provide support to others and help make the workplace more inclusive.


Over the past decade I have been through periods of health and ill health. I have had 8 operations on my eye and one on my thumb. Having been through fluctuating health means I know the value of good health and know how fragile it can be.

I have take steps to managing both my physical and mental health and this blog shares that with you.  Whilst I am not a nutritionist I have a keen interest in nutrition and I am currently completing a holistic nutrition course.  Over recent years I have experimented with how to make my meals more healthy, have a high nutritional content and be convienient, which is essential when managing a busy career and chronic illness.

This blog is to share with you my top tips for healthy eating, self care and living with chronic illness aswell as covering how employment can impact people with physical and mental ill health.

I hope by me sharing my experiences with you it will raise awareness of chronic illness and also provide some take aways that you can also benefit from.

Zoe x